First Time Anal Sex Experience

Jimmy has been married to his wife Alexia for over half a decade. All through this time, they adhered to only the basic sex styles and moves. One day he decided to man up and ask his wife if they could try anal sex. Sadly as he expected, Alexia waved him down even before he could really finish asking her. Jimmy got angry with Alexia and let her know how bored he was with their sex life since she never wanted to try anything new, or even be truly adventurous in bed. At this point Jimmy knew that he would have to try anal sex with someone other than Alexia. He embarked on a mission to find a woman who was willing to share an anal experience.

After a long search, Jimmy stumbled onto a website where many glamorous escorts were available and willing to have any type of sex with him and they even had very reasonable prices. At first he thought that the deal was too good and the website was out to defraud him. However, after taking a closer look at the services that Charlotte Escorts offered, he realized that his anal sex dream could actually come true. After picking his preferred model, a meeting was arranged. He was so excited for his upcoming adventure.

Finally it was time for his new sex partner to arrive at the hotel where he had booked a room for the day. His wife thought that he was out hunting with his friends. Pauline was a beautiful and voluptuous woman. From the skimpy dress that she wore, Barnes could see her juicy round ass and E-cup boobs clearly. As Pauline started to stretch her hands through his shirt and into his well-toned body, Barnes knew that this was a beginning of a very lengthy affair with this Charlotte escort. He was experiencing something very different from what Alexia gave him.

After a series of caressing episodes, it was finally time for Barnes to insert his huge manhood into the hole that he wanted. As he slipped his dick between her plump, round ass cheeks and into her tight asshole, he could feel his heart beat practically beating out of his chest in excitement. As he thrust back and forth Pauline moaned in excitement and begged him to thrust it deep inside of her. Her hole was so tight around his cock, and the sensation of it was totally different than feeling a vagina on his cock. As Jimmy finally came deep inside Pauline’s asshole, he knew this was something he was going to continue to enjoy with her for many meetings to come.

Written by ruhkanseri

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