Should I let him buy me a drink…

Should you chat men up in bars? Recently, I have not always felt 100 percent safe when I have been hanging out in bars. There has been so many incidents around London recently where we have been threatened in some way when they have been out on their own. My Arsenal escorts date is late, and I am not sure that he is going to be turning up at all. It is rather late so there is no or little point in me going back. However, this other guy keeps making eyes at me.


Some of the the girls at Arsenal escorts of would probably be happy to go over to talk to this guy, but I am not sure that I want to. Not that I am frighten of people or anything like that, but I will have to admit that I am a little bit vary of this guy. He looks nice enough and keeps looking at me. From what I can tell he looks like the sort of businessman we would normally hook up with at Arsenal escorts, but then again you can never be sure.


I feel like I should give him a smile and let him come over. After all, if he was some kind of pervert he would probably have made his way over to me already. The fact that he hasn’t tells me that he seems like an ordinary person.  I know that he does not have a date with me at Arsenal escorts, but I think that my other date id not finish his meeting on time. He would normally tell me, or send me a text if he is going to be late. The fact that he hasn’t done so tells me that he his tied up in a meeting or something.


Perhaps if I put hand on the chair next to me, he would come over for a chat. He looks a little bit lonely, but I am just going to treat this as a private conversation and not say a thing about Arsenal escorts. You never know if that would be his sort of thing. I hate it when my dates don’t turn when they have arranged to meet you in a bar. You just end up feeling completely exposed and like you are actually there trying to pick some one up.


In general, I would not advice any girl to do what I am doing. During my time with Arsenal escorts, I have become a pretty good judge of character but not all girls may have the same instincts as I do. Something that you should never do is to follow a man to his room or back to his place if you don’t know him well enough. It can be very dangerous. These days you never know who I friend or foe, and I pity Las Vegas escorts who have to pick up men in bars when things are tight. Mind you, this guy is rather attractive despite being a little bit older, and I am sure that he and I could have a good time together. He has a certain glint in his eyes that I like the look of, and I will admit that he turns me on. Still…. I am not that sort of a girl.

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